We created the IFS Guide app to assist and empower you through your IFS Self-healing journey. Our mission is to make IFS more affordable and accessible to all. Even though you will find personalized and self-paced guidance quite similar to that in an IFS session, the IFS Guide app is no replacement for therapy. Please seek professional help if you’re in a crisis.

  • Pepe is your guide when using the IFS Guide app. Our co-founder Blanca Dasi has taught Pepe all it knows, including its voice!

We are a team of 7 people from all over the world, gathered by the love for IFS. Our co-founders are Sasha Eslami and Blanca Dasi. We are all happy to be here and help you have a better experience in your IFS journey. You can learn more about us here

​This app is not related to the IFS institute; our co-founders are Certified Level 3 IFS Practitioners professionally trained by the IFS Institute and the founder of IFS, Richard Schwartz.


Don’t worry; you can easily tap on “Forgot Password” on the login page of the app. Then, you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

At the top right corner of the home screen of the app, you will see a button called “Menu”. Once in that menu, you will find “Profile”. There, erase your old email, and enter the new one. You will also need to enter your current password.

There are three ways to add your Parts:

  1. From the Home screen: at the bottom right, click on “Add a New Part”.
  2. From the Parts tab at the bottom of your screen: once in the Parts tab, click “Add Part”. 
  3. From a session: 
    1. Sometimes your guide Pepe will ask if you will like to add the Part to the session, by clicking “Yes” Pepe will guide you on how to do this. 
    2. If/when Pepe does not ask directly, you can select “Chat with Parts” at the bottom of Pepe’s messages. Then Pepe will guide you on how to add the Part to the session.
    3. After adding your first Part to the conversation, you can use the plus button (+) at the bottom of the screen next to the Part’s name, to add more Parts. 

There are different ways in which you can access this feature:

  1. From the Home Screen: simply tap on “Chat with My Parts on My Own”. This will prompt a session where you can discover and chat with your parts with a little guidance from Pepe. 
  2. From a guided session: in every guided session you have the option, at the very bottom of each message from Pepe, to tap on “Chat with Parts”. This will open the keyboard for you to add Parts to the conversation and chat with them, at the same time as having Pepe as a guide.
  3. From the “View Past Sessions” section: when tapping on “Start a New Session”, a menu will come up asking you what type of session would you like to start, here you can select “Chat with My Parts on my Own”.

Once you are set with this, and after adding the Parts that need to be in the conversation just tap on the Part’s name to write for it and tap on “Me” to answer back!

Guidance is a step-by-step, self-paced, guided session that leads you to uncover more Self-energy and get to know your Parts. This can be in text or audio format.

You can see our main guidance on the home page of the app. There are also other guidance you can choose from. From the Home Page, you can “View Past Sessions”, and once there you can access the rest of the guidance by selecting “Start a new session”.

​Watch an overview on how to navigate the app here! And here on how to navigate the different types of guidance.

There are a few ways to share your thoughts and feedback with us!

  1. You can click on the Pepe icon (our smiley dog avatar) on the homepage.
  2. From the Homepage, in the upper right corner where it says “Menu” you will find a “Feedback” option.
  3. Also, Pepe asks for your feedback at the end of each guidance to send specific feedback about the guidance.
  4. You can also share your thoughts via email to ifs@ifsguide.com.

You can delete your account from the top right “Menu”. There you will find “Settings” and inside of Settings the option to “Delete Account”.                  

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It’s important that we gain enough revenue to make the business sustainable so we can continue developing the app and its content, to make IFS more affordable and accessible to more people. You can read more about this here.

Yes! You can view and choose to get a free trial of any desired plan. You will only get one free trial in total, so make sure you try the plan that you would like to experience the most.

Billing is auto-renewed after the trial period ends and you will receive an email from the App/Play Store before the billing period starts at the end of the free trial.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription from the Play/App store anytime.

The auto-renew and billing processes are managed by the App/Play Store. If at any point you need a refund, you should apply for it directly through them. Since your purchase is done directly with them, IFS Guide does not have control over the billing process.

You can view the pricing plans from here.

Free plans have limited access; you will see this message if you are trying to access a paid feature. You can see what the free plan includes here.

We created the IFS Guide App – Premium Community on Facebook so you can connect with others using the app. In the community you can ask any questions related to the app, share about your journey, receive direct guidance and support, and even find practice buddies! All moderated by Certified L3 IFS practitioners.

You can get a promo code by participating in our user interview sessions from time to time. Please contact pm@ifsguide.com to know more.

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