Professional IFS Facilitators

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An IFS-based healing journey can go
very deep within our subconscious. 

Choosing the right IFS facilitator to guide this delicate journey is quite important for our system’s safety.

That’s why we are interviewing and gradually curating a list of highly-skilled professional IFS facilitators that you can easily get to know and book affordably!


Sasha Eslami

CEO, Co-Founder & Level 3 Practitioner

Sasha is an avid mental health enthusiasts and an advanced licensed IFS practitioner with hundreds of hours of professional training by the IFS Institute.

Blanca Dasi

Co-Founder & Level 3 IFS Practitioner

Blanca has received formal IFS training by the IFS Institute and the Spanish “Instituto IFS.”  She is fluent in Spanish and English and able to guide IFS sessions in both languages.

All of Our IFS Facilitators Offer

Free 15 min consultation

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free 15 min extension to your IFS Sessions

Multi-session packages and rates

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