How to Heal Yourself with IFS

Why is Working with Exiles Important?

In Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, “Exiles” are parts that contain past pain and trauma, often hidden due to their intense emotions. 

Addressing Exiles is crucial for healing root causes of issues like anxiety, depression, and self-esteem challenges, offering insights into our coping mechanisms and stress responses.

However, this process is sensitive and requires a gentle approach. It’s important to engage with Protectors first, gaining their trust to access Exiles safely and avoid causing further harm.

Through IFS EXILES Challenge, we provide a supportive environment to navigate this delicate process, fostering personal growth and emotional regulation.


MODULE 1 – Approaching Exiles:

  • Manager vs. Firefighter Systems
  • Identify the Parts around an Exile
  • Common Concerns from Protectors
  • Advanced Unblending techniques

MODULE 2 – Getting in touch with Exiles:

  • Protectors as Exiles
  • Acknowledging the vulnerability
  • Unblending from Exiles
  • Connecting with Exiles

MODULE 3 – Being with Exiles

  • DEMO
  • Witnessing & Re-doing the experience
  • Retrieval & Unburdening
  • Integration of Exiles

What's included in this Workshop?

Live Interactive Calls:

2 Days (7+ hours) of live interactive video calls led by Professionally Trained Experienced IFS Practitioners!

Interactive presentations:

Interactive presentations to learn how to approach your Exiles using IFS & how to adapt them to your own life circumstances.

IFS Resources & Tools

Custom-made IFS resources & tools shared with you after every session.

Live Demo:

Live Demo led by Level 3 Certified IFS Practitioner.

Practice sessions:

Practice sessions to learn how to apply all the principles on your own.

Sharing circles:

Sharing circles so you can meet and engage with other courageous souls in their self-healing journey​.

Re-watch Anytime:

You’ll get a recording of the session to watch at your own pace.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who has:


  • Deep understanding and knowledge of working with your own Protectors


Everyone’s journey is unique and these are general guidelines:

Stability: You should be in a reasonably stable emotional and mental state. This includes having effective ways to cope with everyday stressors and not currently being in a major crisis.
Safety with Protectors: You should have learned how to establish a trusting relationship with your Protectors, the parts of you that help safeguard the Exiles. This involves understanding their roles, appreciating their efforts, and gaining their trust to access the Exiles. We teach this in our IFS 7 Day Challenge (Click to Learn More).
Inner Guidance: Having a very deep understanding and knowledge of working with your own system of protectors using the IFS methodology. Honor, appreciate, and understand your Protectors. We teach this in our IFS 7 Day Challenge (Click to Learn More).
Capacity to Self-Soothe: You should be able to comfort and calm yourself. Working with Exiles can bring up intense emotions, and it’s important to be able to return to a Self-led state.
Willingness: Lastly, you should feel ready and willing to understand and potentially engage with your Exiles.

If you do have a therapist or IFS Practitioner you can have these discussions with them to ensure you’re ready to work with your Exiles.



About the Instructor

Sasha Eslami

Sasha is a professionally trained IFS Practitioner (Level 3 – Final level) with over 1000 hours of training and working with clients.

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