IFS For Generational & Cultural Trauma

Offline course



Join us for a transformative offline workshop dedicated to understanding and healing generational and cultural trauma through the IFS approach. This workshop is designed to help you explore the deep-rooted impacts of these traumas and develop healthier ways to work with them. 

What's included in this Workshop?

Meet Your Inner Team:

Understand how generational and cultural traumas impact your emotional and mental well-being. Identify the parts influenced by these traumas.

Learn Techniques:

Learn easy techniques on how to understand these parts, help them feel understood, and heal them so they don’t have to impact you so hard.

Healing Techniques:

Discover effective IFS techniques to heal wounds caused by these traumas and bring more peace into your life.

Inner Dialogue:

Develop skills to communicate with your inner parts, fostering a harmonious internal environment and self-compassion.

Practice sessions:

Practice sessions to learn how to apply all the principles on your own.

Create Your Part Map:

Design a personal part map that can show you exactly what is happening inside your system.


Re-watch Anytime:

You’ll get a recording of the session to watch at your own pace.

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Length of the workshop: 2 – 2.5 hours long


About the Instructor

Sasha Eslami

Sasha is a professionally trained IFS Practitioner (Level 3 – Final level) with over 1000 hours of training and working with clients.

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